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6/18 Shabbat morning service at Beit Yakov in San Anselmo
6/25 Shabbat Morning Service, Aufruf for Abigail & Shoshana at CHL building
7/1 Kabbalat Shabbat with Marty & Claudia

7/8 Shir HaShirim Minyan at Berkeley Richmond JCC
7/10 Aqm Council meets at Nancy’s house

Author Series Reading by Reuven Goldfarb

Video recording of the reading Reuven Goldfarb gave for the Minyan at St. John’s on July 21, 2011

The Minyan Then and Now

Travel with us through time with this slideshow spanning 4 decades.

The Aquarian Minyan

The Aquarian Minyan invites you to our diverse and welcoming East Bay Jewish Renewal community.  Our community was conceived in ecstatic creativity by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, co-founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement.  
We are Jews of every level of observance, young and old, single and partnered, LGBT and straight, and every sort of family, differently-abled, spiritual seekers and practitioners of many traditions.
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