Teshuvah Nights with the Aquarian Minyan

with the Aquarian Minyan 2018/5779

Friday September 14th, 6:30pm
Storytelling Shabbat with Jake Birnberg

6:30 gathering/7 brief service/7:30 Dinner followed by a storytelling circle where we'll share stories of teshuvah*: from our lives, from Hasidic tales, from ???
LOCATION: Lower Rockridge home, RSVP for address 510-717-3479
BRING: Veggie/fish potluck

Saturday, September 15th, 6:00-9:30pm
The Aquarian Minyan and the Yeashore Community once again very proudly present the Bonfire of Reflection!®

LOCATION: Go to Berkeley Creative Arts Center at 1275 Walnut, Berkeley. You then enter the site from there. Picnic Site #2.
BRING: Please bring food and drinks for yourself and some to share. We will provide chocolate, Kosher marshmallows and crackers for S'mores!! Also bring your friends, your miracle stories and musical instruments.
Havdalah will be about an hour after sunset.
--> --> You are invited to bring something to burn as a way of letting go of it. <-- <
The website for the Berkeley Bonfire of Reflection is: http://www.bayjews.org/Index?Detail#37514
The Yeashore website is: http://www.bayjews.org/Index?Detail#4057

Sunday, September 16th, 7pm
An evening on Forgiveness with Rabbi Tsvi Bar David:

music and reflection on the primary words in Hebrew and Arabic having to do with forgiveness.
LOCATION: RSVP for North Berkeley address: tsvi.bardavid@gmail.com
BRING: potluck desserts

Monday, September 17th, 6:45pm
Talking Takhlis with Karen Roekard:

Karen Roekard pre-Yom Kippur eating, singing niggunim and letting go of our last bits of OY..... so we can go forward clearly and cleanly!!
LOCATION: RSVP for North Berkeley address roekard@lmi.net
BRING: Veggie/fish potluck (Dog alert!)

*TESHUVAH= the work of the High Holy Days i.e. making amends, getting answers, finding our way back to our highest/best selves so we can go forward in walking/creating our path for the coming year.