Celebrate with the Goldfarbs on February 23rd, 9:30 am – 2 pm!

Reuven and Yehudit will help lead a Shabbat morning service to celebrate the wedding of their son, Elishama, and his bride, Casey Madison, on Saturday morning, February 23rd at Chochmat HaLev. The wedding is in Denver the previous weekend.

Yehudit will begin the service at 9:30 with a 20 minute meditation, followed by movement combined with the morning blessings. Pesukei d'Zimrah and Shacharit will follow, including a Torah service facilitated by Reuven and Barry Barkan and a Haftorah reading by Rabbi Diane Elliot. Rabbi SaraLeya Schley and Achi Ben Shalom will be co-leading the service.
Afterwards we will have Kiddush, a veggie/fish potluck lunch, and Sheva Brakhot.

Please bring a festive dish for at least eight people. You may drop it off on Friday afternoon between 1 and 5 pm or bring it with you on Saturday.

To contribute toward an Afikomen gift certificate for Elishama and Casey, please click here or mail a check to PO Box 7224, Berkeley 94707.

This will be a joint Aquarian Minyan and Chochmat HaLev event.