Muslim/Jewish Peace Quilt

Dear Friends:

Some of you know but others don't that I am the designated custodian in the U.S. for the Muslim/Jewish Peace Quilt created by 72 Israeli and Palestinian women (see video link). It was on display at the recent Parliament of the World's Religions gathering in Salt Lake City, Utah where I received permission to bring it back to LA from Elana Rozenman, one of the foremost peace-workers in Israel, a founder of the Trust-Emun Women's Network in Jerusalem. Truly, it is an inspiring and tangible symbol of Palestinian and Israeli collaboration by women-- emanating from what continues to be the most volatile area in the world. These 72 women have joined together to demonstrate that it is possible to collaborate and build bridges for peace, even across the Great Divide. I feel honored to have the quilt in my possession--on loan.

My goal is to have it become a "traveling quilt" to be shared widely and, to that end, I have just arranged for the peace quilt to be featured at two major conferences where I will be speaking in July: one in Virginia, for the launch of the 1st Peace Pentagon Hub and the other one in Guadalajara, Mexico for the North American Interfaith Network annual conference.. I am now establishing a special fund for repairing the quilt--it needs some sewing expertise as well as TLC-- to repair the tears it has developed and to help the quilt travel with me as far and wide as possible. As you know, the airlines charge for every additional suitcase (and the quilt needs its own dedicated suitcase because it is 13 feet in diameter). So it will cost $50 extra ($25 each way) to be able to take the quilt with me on each trip. As you know, even after two decades, I continue to do my work on a shoestring and so I'm appealing to my friends and colleagues, especially those whom I know are personally concerned about the Middle East conflict, to help me keep the quilt moving around the world in prime condition, so it can be the "guest of honor" at many venues. I'm determined to keep the vision for peace alive in a gorgeous, aesthetic, colorful, heartfelt and beautifully executed tapestry of good will that took months to create.

Listen to more about the quilt and the women who fashioned it by clicking on this link.

It was also unveiled at the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. I would be very grateful if you would help support this project and be willing to make a contribution of $360, $180, $72 or of any amount to this fund. And, if you feel so moved, please share this with your friends who also care deeply about building peace in the Holy Land.

Contributions can be sent to me directly thru paypal: Ruth Broyde Sharone or by sending a check to: 4219 Vinton Avenue, Culver City, CA 90232 Please indicate in the memo section that it is for the quilt. If you would like to make a tax-exempt donations, you can make the check payable to: IHRC, c/o me at the Vinton address. 4219 Vinton Avenue, Culver City, CA 90232 The IHRC (International Human Rights Consortium) has graciously served as a fiscal sponsor for me for many years to help support the peace work I do. The money will be specifically earmarked for this project. With love and appreciation for your support.