Letter From Abigail


A Letter from Abigail Grafton



Dear Friends,

I am writing you about my health and that of our Minyan.

First, about me.

As some of you know, I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuropathy, which is a painful inflammation of a nerve in the face, and which comes and goes unpredictably. Currently, I am weak, shaken and wondering if/when it will return. At least now it has been diagnosed and will be correctly treated if it starts again.

Numerous friends from the Minyan have been of great personal support to me during this time, and my beloved Shoshana has worked very hard.

I am writing to say that I continue to need personal support in the next period of time, both in terms of your company, emotional support, help with certain tasks, etc. Feel free to call me at XXX-xxxx if you would like to help.

And now about the Minyan.

Our rabbi has provided me with an additional diagnosis: classic burnout. What a blessing it is to understand why I can no longer accomplish the work I used to for my beloved community. But the fact is, I can't, and will be stepping back form even more of the work I have been doing.

So my request for your help and support goes beyond shopping, company, etc., to taking on pieces of organizational support. Some of these include: editing and/or writing for this newsletter, fundraising, pieces of programming work, member recruitment and pr for the High Holy Days, etc.

Some of these have a volunteer or two but could use more, so to offer you don't have to be willing or able to do the whole thing, just a piece.

And finally, we are still fundraising for the current fiscal year. If you would like to donate, or increase a donation you have made, don't hesitate. One member just called us and pledged his tax refund. We are happy to receive your small donations and your large ones, and it all goes into the Minyan pot.

I am very able to talk on the phone, so feel free to call me about helping me and/or the Minyan out in this time of healing and change.

Shabbat shalom,