Chuck Burack's Shofarot Meditation Original writing from the HH : Part
Shofarot: A Meditation The sound of the shofar     is the ache of yearning The sound of the shofar     is the blare of warnin The primal blast provokes     awakening The primal cry evokes     weeping The horn of pride and power     is transformed into the trumpet     of love and humility The horn of war and conquest     is transmuted into an instrument     of inner peace From the narrow places     I called out to YaH The Compassionate One     answered me     from the supernal expanse Return, return to the Source     of your life Return, return to the Spring     of your light The piercing tekiyah penetrates     the armor of the ego The stuttering shevarim shatters     the veils of the soul The wailing teruah releases     the wells of the heart Let the living spirit of God     blow through and heal your body Let the living spirit of Goddess     flow through and clear your mind Hear the voice that makes thunder     and lightning and rain Hear the voice that showers the world     with wisdom and compassion Today is the day of discernment Today is the day of attunement Rejoice, rejoice with laughter and tears Rejoice, rejoice in the miracle of this new year          -Charles Burack, Ph.D.