Coming Attractions

We are looking forward to many exciting programs with new teachers and performers this summer and fall. The following are all in planning stages and will be announced shortly:

A weekend (September 9-11) with Rabbi Goldie Milgrom, including a shabbaton, a Sunday teshuvah workshop, and a Saturday evening workshop on healing alienation from Judaism. Author of Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice: Holy Days and Shabbat, and Make Your Own Bar/Bat Mitzvah: A Personal Guide to a Meaningful Rite of Passage, Reb Goldie is a passionate innovator and teacher with the goal of infusing Jewish life with spirituality and joy. She has taught all over the world and brings a feminist consciousness to the Renewal community. (

A concert with the Israeli singer Galeet Dardashti and her band Divahn. Divahn infuses traditional songs with sophisticated harmonies and arrangements using tabla, cello, rabel, doumbek, violin and other acoustic instruments, plus vocals in Hebrew, Judeo-Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Aramaic and Turkish. Their beautiful lyricism flows through an intense rhythmic drive. The group distinguishes itself as the only all-female ensemble performing Mizrakhi-influenced music (Jewish music from the Middle East and North Africa) in the US, and has performed with some of the world’s most renowned master musicians, including Glen Velez and Anindo Chatterjee. (

A concert and experiential kabbalah workshop with singer/songwriter/teacher Levi ben Shmuel (who comes via Devorah Lotzar). Levi is a singer-songwriter and author of the forthcoming book,Experiential Kabbalah: Bringing The Tree of Life to Life. This spiritual autobiography is Levi’s first book. It tells an inspirational story of one man’s twenty-five year spiritual journey from a fear-based life of internal oppression and limitation to a loving, heart-centered life of joyful service and freedom. (

A storytelling and musical performance with the tremendously popular hip-hop actor, playwright, storyteller Tim Barsky, whose play The Bright River, based on concepts from Jewish mysticism, has been a wild underground success. Tim is a traditional Ashkenazi storyteller and oral historian who has been getting increasing attention for his unique performance style, which blends hip-hop, street theatre, and Jewish folklore.
He’s also the world’s first battle flutist. Using just a flute and a microphone, Tim can beatbox, “scratch”, manipulate beats, drop classics, and play up to 8 lines at the same time, without loops or sampling. Taking the aesthetic of the battle DJ and integrating it into the flute, Tim is pioneering the art form of woodwind percussion (