36th Anniversary Celebration Feedback


Feedback from participants in our 36th Anniversary Celebration,
June 25-27


From Bob/Yakov Jaffe: Heartfelt thanks to all of you and each of you for your special talents, thoughts, teachings, organizing. I will remember Ariel singing Ana B'Koach and the Sword Carrying Angel among so many profound experiences in the service. The Music was from Heaven and the Teachings very deep.

From Aryae Coopersmith: Thank you bro! You did a fabulous job of pulling us all together -- awesome!

From Hanna Cohen: Many many blessings to you all. I was truly feeling that magic of Heaven through all of the services.............what an honor.

From Stephanie Brown: Let me add my thanks for all of you wonderful beings of blessing! You are always (well, almost always) a delight and joy to work, play and pray with!?? And you guys Rock AND Roll ! ;-)

From Rabbi Diane Elliot: I second that remark! What an amazing service and weekend. Thanks Stephanie for all you did to create the container and make sure things rolled smoothly, and thank you to everyone for the heart, soul, and spirit that you brought to the community. I have no doubt that the Besht and the Holy One of Blessing were dancing with us.

From Marcia Brooks: I felt that the parts that I was at, from late Saturday afternoon to the end on Sunday exceeded my expectations by a lot. It was all great.

From Achi Ben Shalom: A successful event. We created a great, well documented memory, Ayla has it all on video and I recorded the entire audio for the whole weekend.

From Karen Roekard: Just want to add my "Yashar Kokhacheychem/chen" to all who did anything related to the amazing weekend we had: it went beyond any of my expectations and reinvigorated me in terms of the Minyan. I feel very blessed to be part of this wonderful "2nd generation" of "Holy Beggars" who, it seems to me, still have some profoundly meaningful things to share with the world. I felt my inner smile there and there and there as I got to see and hear and experience the many levels of "wisdom" shared by person after person after person. Like "Christmas in April" we had "High" Holy Days in June. Again, my thanks for inviting me to be a part of it even though I am so often away and overwhelmed.

From Fran Avni: I concur with everyone - It WAS an amazing weekend. Such an enormous outpouring of love and energy and much talent. For myself, it felt wonderful to once again be part of this community, singing and praying with R. Diane et al (and trying to keep up with Karen's boundless energy).

Watching the slide shows and videos and getting a tiny glimpse of what it must have been like so many years ago, was pretty incredible.

I wish I could have met all your younger selves - Yehudit and Reuven, Barry, Debbie, Miriam, R. Burt .....et al. Seeing you today - still filled with spirit and love and enthusiasm, tempered by time and the realities of life, is what makes this community of now sage-ing elders - so unique.

The Skype phone call with R. Zalman and Eve was so powerful and with it the realization that there are no longer limitations of time or space for connection.

It has been an honor to get to know and make music with/for many of you and to have been adopted into this strange and wonderful community.

Achi was absolutely crucial to all aspects of the weekend - always cheerful, reliable, problem-solving in addition to seamless musicianship.

The tremendously talented and beautiful Stephanie's organizational skills were once again powerfully evident. YAY !!! And EVERYONE was amazing. HEYDAD to ALL!!!!
- Fran
PS When I was five, my brother got married on my birthday, and I thought all celebrations would be like that. I had to wait till I was 60, when the Minyan feted me at the garden party auction. And finally, what a marvelous way to spend my 65th...

From Shoshana Dembitz: Thanks to every one of you for your part in creating a fabulous weekend, and a good fundraiser for the Minyan as well.