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In a myriad of ways, Judaism invites us to open to fully love Creator and all of creation, believing that the practice of spreading love and joy and hope enlightens our world. In these challenging times, this High Holy Days season, when it seems like darkness may be ascendant and a curtain dropping, the light sparked by our words and our actions, our prayers, songs, dance and meditations, manifested together and in community, is what will chase away fear.

Aquarian Minyan services 2016/5777 will focus on accessing the wellspring of love – divine love – to immerse in positive energy; on performing Tshuvah (re-centering on our unique path) with all our heart and compassion; and, on spreading the blessing of visions based on loving bonds between all peoples and all of creation.

Our services will create a container of safety within which to explore these themes individually and communally. We joyously invite you to share in this exploration with us.

The Aquarian Minyan is a diverse community
welcoming people of every level of observance,
young and old, single and partnered, LGBT
and straight, and seekers of many spiritual traditions.