Gatherings and Teachings

Saturday night, July 29, 7:00-10:00 p.m., Shloshim for Chuck Burack’s mother, Ruth Burack, in Martinez.
It will begin with a veggie potluck (no fish) with a preference for gluten-free. After the potluck, we'll do Havdalah and a brief Maariv and then Chuck and Mary Ann will share memories of Ruth.
For location, please contact Mary Ann at

Monday evening, July 31, Workshop on the Purpose and Power of the Lament at 7 pm, Tisha B’Av Service at 8:30, both led by Reb Goldie Milgram @ Chochmat HaLev Building.
7-8:20 pm. The Purpose and Power of the Lament, Sacred Study with Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Reb Goldie
As humans we express our suffering by lamenting--with tears, with cynicism or humor, with silence, with a shrug, or a sigh. Our Jewish culture embraces the lament with our music, our prayers, our sacred texts, and the wisdom of our sages. In this workshop we will study the Trauma-Healing sequence developed by Dr. Barry Bub as a way to understand the anguished How(l) of Eichah, the Book of Lamentations chanted on Tisha b'Av. Then, we will partner with each other to create a stanza of our own laments and see what emerges.
Location: Chochmat HaLev, 2215 Prince Street, at Fulton Street, Berkeley
Cost $20, $10 to members of Aquarian Minyan, Chochmat HaLev, and Kehilla. No one turned away for lack of funds.

8:30-9:45pm. Candlelight Tisha b'Av Service with Rabbi Goldie Milgram and Leyners

Tisha B'Av reveals something believed to be inseparable that became separated. The Meal of Separation consists of a glass of water, a piece of bread, and hard-boiled egg dipped in ashes and is a traditional prelude to this day of mourning,and fasting for those who are able. We will continue with this day's traditions within the Jewish cycle of spiritual healing with a contemplative service by candle light which includes chanting of Eichah, the Book of Lamentations.

Suggestions: Fasting? Have your regular dinner before arriving. Bring something for sitting upon the floor and a flashlight to read by. Dress simply.
Chairs will be available for those who need them.
Location Chochmat HaLev, 2215 Prince Street, at Fulton Street, Berkeley

Co-Sponsors: Chochmat HaLev & Kehilla Community Synagogue

Rabbi Goldie Milgram is a specialist in the fields of Jewish experiential and spiritual education. She is best known as the "rebbe-on-the-road," for her travels world-wide as a seeker and teacher of Torah, Jewish spiritual practices. "Reb Goldie" founded (2000) and heads the 501C3 non-profit Reclaiming Judaism, serves as editor-in-chief for Reclaiming Judaism Press, and in 2014 founded a three-year distance-learned training program for Jewish educators titled Jewish Spiritual Education (JSE): Maggid-Educator Training. Her publications are numerous, beginning with Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice: Holy Days and Shabbat (Jewish Lights Publishing.)

She last visited the Aquarian Minyan in 2005, and we are very excited to welcome her back.

Contact Shoshana, for more info.

Save the Date: Sunday Afternoon, August 13, Join Fran Avni for a Harmony Happening and Party
Fran is back from Montreal for her first visit in four years. Let’s welcome and sing with her.
Donation for Fran requested
Location: 1736 Ward St, Berkeley, CA
Exact time TBA.